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Visionary - Geometric - Portrait - Organic - Psychedelic - Abstract

"Art is a vision of the souls journey through past, present and future experiences. I want to provide my art for the sake of projecting pure positive enlightenment and hope all over the world. Uniting and connecting with people in such a way that it transforms our experience into a happier, healthier state of consciousness. Psychedelic, transformative, geometric, visionary, illusive, symbolic, flowing, colorful and organic are just a few of the things that inspire my experience as an artist. Purity of nature and patterns explode my sensory of self and bold visuals will come to mind, sometimes the idea evolves after starting, other times it is just about being the transmitter of whatever is flowing through me at that moment." Thank you for being a part of my visionary quest. Enjoy :) As always, support for a full time artist is integral to the development of future works of art. Contact me for custom works of are and we can discuss pricing, size, etc.


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